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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't remember my Digital Banking password or I’m locked out?
  • On a web browser, go to our homepage and select $ Login/Enroll. Then select Forgot? link. You will be taken to an Account Recovery page. Follow prompts to reset your password!
  • If you are using the Citizens Bank OR App (App), select Forgot? link. You will then be prompted to reset your passcode. Select Reset. From the login screen select Forgot? link. You will be taken to an Account Recovery page. Follow prompts to reset your passcode!  
What do I do if I am locked out of Passcode or Biometric when trying to use the Citizens Bank OR App?
  • Please contact your local Branch to request a Passcode Reset.
  • Biometrics are stored on your device and we are not able to assist with these.
What if I want to change my 2-Factor Authentication method for Digital Banking?
  • From the Browser or App Select Settings, then select Security. You will then be able to select your new 2-step verification method.
  • You are also welcome to contact your local Branch.
How long are statements available in Digital Banking and how do I print them?
  • If you are enrolled in eDocuments, you will be able to access account statements and notices for 18 months (accumulating after enrolling each Account in the specific Statement or Notice).
  • To print, log in to Digital Banking and click the eDocument icon on your Dashboard.  You can then select which account you would like to work with and choose which Statement or Notice you would like to print.
How do I activate my ATM and/or debit card?
  • There are three different ways to activate your card: 
    • Log in to Digital Banking. Go to the Card Management Tile on your Dashboard and click to activate your card.
    • Use your card at any ATM or Point of Sale (POS) terminal.
    • Call the Xpress Phone Banking Service at 1-800-577-1778, Option 5.
What do I do if my ATM and/or debit card is not working?
  • If you have received a text message, email message, phone call, or voicemail message from the Citizens Bank Fraud Center, please respond to the information provided as this may be a reason your card is not working.
  • You can also contact your local Branch to inquire.
How do I change my PIN for my ATM and/or debit card?
  • You are able to change your PIN by calling the Xpress Phone Banking at 1-800-577-1778, Option 5 or calling PIN Now at 1-888-891-2435.
Which ATMs can I use without a fee and how do I find them?
  • Citizens Bank belongs to both the Allpoint and MoneyPass Networks of surcharge-free ATMs.
  • You can search for Allpoint and MoneyPass ATM locations on our Branch & ATM Locator page on our website.
Can I use my ATM and/or debit card when I travel?
  • Yes, you can use your debit card when you travel. It is important that you notify the Bank of your plans prior to traveling so that we can ensure no interruption in your card usage.
  • If you have Digital Banking, you can alert us of your travel details using the Card Management Tile.
  • You are also welcome to contact your local Branch.
How long will it take to get my ATM and/or debit card and checks? 
  • Checks and ATM and/or debit cards are sent First Class Mail and should be received within 7-10 business days from the date of order.
What are the Branch locations and hours?
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