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Attitude Toward Change:

Positive leadership as it relates to problem solving. People constantly reinforce the expectation of discovering creative solutions. Have the attitude that problems are opportunities, with the only real impediments being those that are self-imposed. Always looking for a better way to get the job done.

Focus and Commitment:

The employee demonstrates a high degree of understanding and agreement about the need for goals and objectives. They clearly understand the mission and see themselves actively engaged in contributing towards achieving that mission.

Acceptance in our culture requires a high degree of commitment from employees at all levels. They are committed to our values, to our customers, and to each other. A committed employee demonstrates acceptance of the organizations mission and vision, and proves it through the quality and quantity of their work.

This person is team oriented because they know that when people work together overall performance is positively affected, resources are allocated in ways that are more likely to support the organizations objectives, and people do not seem like they are going in opposite directions.

Standards and Values:

There are certain values that contribute to the success of any strategy. These core values must be clearly understood and believed-in by individuals at all levels of the organization.

We value honesty in all of our relationships, high integrity in terms of our personal behavior, fairness with employees, customers, and others. This includes an aversion to discrimination in any form. We value confidentiality when appropriate, and a high degree of professionalism.

We also value personal growth, continuous improvement, acceptance of change, creativity, positive thinking, high performance, and safety and soundness.

We value specific performance standards that are measurable in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time.

We value an attitude that says we refuse to tolerate mediocrity.

We value and respect longevity, but we will reward performance.

Celebrations to Support Values:

Without expressive events, the culture will fade. Celebrations are designed to support values. Team awards and celebrations reward the value of team participation. Employee recognition rewards performance. The employee newsletter is a ritual that says we value communication. The bank picnic, Christmas party, etc. are all-positive rituals that reward values.

Acceptance of this celebrant form of support helps determine an employee's position with respect to culture.

Concern for People:

Management and other employees must demonstrate that they sincerely care about the interests of others, and are committed to organizational objectives to ensure a high degree of caring.

Openness, Communication:

In strong cultures, communication tends to be more open, spontaneous, and more widespread. It is the means by which the firm's human assets are brought together with a common focus.

Few things are as important as good internal communication flows. Individuals who promote the flow of communication rather than create an obstacle to communication flows, have a stronger position within our culture.

Conflict Resolution:

Our culture promotes a win-win method of conflict resolution. Gone are the days of I win-you lose attitudes. Problems or conflicts should be analyzed in terms of the needs of the objectives of the organization, not the ego needs of the individuals involved. Both parties involved in the conflict should work toward a resolution, demonstrating acceptance of our core values, that meets organizational needs rather than personal needs.

Customer Service Orientation:

Acceptance within our culture requires a strong customer service attitude. Individuals have taken the initiative to understand what outstanding customer service means. They have demonstrated that they personally accept our customer service standards, and they expect high performance from themselves and others in this area.


Acceptance of our culture requires a high level of pride, and excitement about the company and its objectives.

People are expected to show that they are proud to be a part of the organization. That they understand its mission and they want to help accomplish that mission. They care, and they show it.


Few things can do greater damage to an organization's cultural integrity than weak team spirit. Individuals who sound supportive in a team meeting, agree to consensus, and then behave differently afterward, are among the most destructive to the company's culture.

Support of team concept, team objectives and team consensus is a requirement for acceptance.



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